Tanks and industrial pressure washing

Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals carries out the transport of any type of liquid and pasty products, as well as the process of pressure washing of the following tanks:

  • Aerial and underground storage tanks where hazardous chemical products and petroleum products have been stored.
  • Hydrocarbon separators.
  • Car wash tunnels
  • Septic tanks.
  • Other

In order to carry out the previous services we have a team of technicians and professionals specialized in meeting any tasks needed in the tancs.

  • Acotació of the working area and obertura boca d’home.
  • Checking and measuring the atmosphere in the tanc and working area
  • Succió of the product stored in the tanc, desgasificat and desengreix.
  • Transport to an authorized treatment plant to be inerització.
  • In petrol products we process the nullation certificate regarding regulation MI IP-06.

For the transport and management of wastes, Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals has a wide range of homologated vehicles ensuring we adher to transport regulation ADR as needed.

We also offer tanks for providing:

  • Water for pools and reg.
  • Running water.

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