Selective waste collection

Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals carries out the selective waste collection in many counties and towns in Catalonia, in private companies and public organizations.The selective waste collection is effectuated by a wide range of the latest vehicles (compacters and scrap grabbers) in any sector:

  • Public organizations (city halls, schools, county councils, health centres, etc)
  • Commercial stores, hotels, professional services, etc.
  • Industries

Collected waste is carried to recycling plants authorised by Vilà Vila or to those plants required by public organizations by agreement.

Kind of Waste CER Code
Waste/bulky (Mix waste assimilable to municipal) 200301 200199
Organic waste (food waste, vegetables, fruit, shells, peels, meat, fish, flours) susceptible to biological deterioration. 200108 200201
Paper/cardboard (paper, newspapers, magazines, paper containers and cardboard containers). 200101
Light containers (plastic packaging, Tetrapak and tins). 150102 150105 150106 150104
Glass (glass containers) 200102
Bulky waste (large domestic waste such as furniture, domestic aplliances, mattresses, etc.; and vegetable waste from garden debris. 200307 200201

By selective collection we aim at picking up different kind of waste to enable recycling process and making of new products. Thus we avoid disposal in landfills or waste incinerators.