Transport of residues and other materials

Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals offers you a wide range of vehicles for the collection of any types of waste and products (bulk and packaged products, containers, liquids, pasty materials, debris and any other type of products)

Camió plataforma porta vehicles
Contenidors Vilà Vila - Camions per al transport de contenidors

All vehicles are authorized by the Catalan Waste Agency::

  • Code for industrial waste transport: T- 316
  • Code for construction or demolition debris transport: T- 316 (previous T-20)

Also carries out the collection and management of SANDACH materials and waste (Animal By-products Not Intended for Human Consumption). (Regulation CE1774/2002 and Regulation CE 1069/2009)

  • Registered number S08218064 Category 1 and 2 animal by-products not intended for human consumption (hazardous animal tissues, manure and mud)
  • Registered number CAT/DAR/T0042: Category 3 animal by-products (animal tissues)

For the transport of hazardous goods Contenidors Vilà Vila has a team of professionals and a wide range of homologated vehicles ensuring it is adhered to Transport Regulation ADR (RD 1566/1999).